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Calcium Tablets

Calcium Tablets are recommended by medical practitioners for treating as well as lowering the risk of weak bone conditions like osteoporosis. These specially composed tablets are also instrumental in maintaining muscle function and keeping salubrious condition of heart. Apart from promoting growth of new bone, these drugs are useful for strengthening bone structure. These medications also have key role in normalizing potassium, magnesium and phosphorous level in blood. The offered drugs are specially beneficial for persons suffering from calcium deficiency. Long storage life, accurate composition, high effectiveness, fast action and easy availability in the market are some distinctive characteristics of these Calcium Tablets.


1) The offered tablets are formulated under the most hygienic conditions.
2) These are meant for treating calcium deficiency and weak bone conditions.
3) Long shelf life.
4) Affordable price.
Product Image (Meacal Forte Tablet)

Calcium Citrate Malate Vit D3 Tablet

Price: 1 INR

Calcium Citrate Malate Vitamin D3 Magnesium Zinc

Product Image (Meacal Tablet)

Calcium Methylcobalamin Calcitriol Tablets

Price: 1 INR

Calcium orotate Methylcobalamin Calcitriol Vit D3 tablets

Product Image (Meacal MB Tablet)

Methylcobalamin Calcium Vit D3 Tablet

Price: 1 INR

Methylcobalamin Calcium Vit D3 Tablet

Product Image (Meacal 5G Tablet)

L-Methylfolate Calcium Tablet

Price: 1 INR

L-5 Methyltetrahydrofolate Calcium Tablet is a source of vitamin B. These are used to maintain the folate levels in the body. As such, these are mostly used to prevent anemia. Pregnant woman should use these tablets to prevent the child from infant spinal cord birth defects. It is pointed for the distinct nutritional demands of patients with endothelial malfunction. The hazard of neonatal neural tube defects can also be eliminated by the consumption of our tablets. Calcium L-5 Methyltetrahydrofolate Tablet